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Information on our
Booth Exhibit at the 
Tiny House Jamboree
(Aug 2015)
Information on our
Booth Exhibit at the 
Tiny House Jamboree
(Aug 2016)

Welcome to VSS !

Veterans Support Solutions, L3c (VSS) mission is to enhance the quality of life for Veterans and their families through creative support services, responsive career planning, and participating in and collaborating with local community agencies for the benefit of uniformed service personnel, their families and survivors – including Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard and Retirees.  


About VSS:

  • Veterans Support Solutions, L3c (VSS) is a newly formed L3c social benefit organization located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  
  •  VSS has expertise in a wide range of veteran career planning services (since 2001) and is now addressing the emergency & transitional housing challenges faced by a growing Veteran market.  
  •  VSS is working with a number of local non-profit and for-profit organizations to facilitate and enable its overall services vision, including Ensemble Ventures, LLC who is providing Business Development, Finance, and Operational Advisory/Support Services.
  •  VSS offers services to enable Veterans to take control of their personal & professional lives and provide them with the tools to Transition to Civilian life successfully.
  • We are focused on helping to address challenges Veteran  Housing through a number of innovative support services and alliances.

Short & Long Term Objectives:

The key to success is to provide a needed service to Veterans, while providing a flexible means of compensation.  We will coach, mentor and provide resources of different venues for successful career planning and VA entitlement options with today’s economic challenges.
 The short term objectives for the first year of operation include:
1. To establish and gro the VSS “Go to Center” for Veterans who are in need of assistance, job opportunities, education, housing, and other “Transition Services”.  This is being accomplished through the creation of a "Veteran Support Center" or VSC at the Suri Ridge Coffee House in Colorado Springs, CO to create a meetup spot for Veterans to meet with other Veterans and to identify various support sources and be connected to local resources.
2. Help to Address the problems of Veteran Homelessness in El Paso County through the AxisPoint Lodging Program, and through the development and support of Long Term Sustainable Housing Solutions, (Like the Tiny House Cluster Concept).
3. To work with local aid agencies in El Paso County, (Like the RMHS – Rocky Mountain Human Services, Homefront Cares, and other Veteran Support providers.
4. To set-up and fund our Social Benefit Programs through Public Donations, PRI Grants from Non-Profit Agencies, and Fund Raising Events and Activities
The long term objectives for the first three to five years of operation include:
1. To create a social-impact and service-based company whose primary goal is to exceed customers’ expectations and run efficiently like a for-profit business, but operate as a "Low Profit Limited Liability Company" or L3c to achieve social impact goals.
3. To increase the number of Veterans served by 20% per year through superior performance and word-of-mouth referrals.
4. To develop business relationships within local and regional military bases.  To be invited as a transitional speaker for Veterans transitioning into the civilian market.
5. To develop a sustainable start-up company that can survive from its cash flow and be able to make lasting investments in and manage various projects and assets that can have an impact in supporting our local Veterans and to establish a series of best of breed process and to support for other Veteran assistance organizations nationwide.

Go Fund Me For More information about our GoFundMe Campaign to help VSS develop and deploy "Short Term" responsive emergency and transitional housing services for homeless Veterans, and to develop creative "Long Term" Sustainable Housing concepts and programs for Veterans utilizing Tiny Home Cluster Communities that can be utilized by Veteran Villages across the country click the "GoFundMe Logo".